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April 20, 2006
Blog Break

It's been real busy around here, and now I have to take a blog break.

I'll be back sometime next week.

April 17, 2006
The ratings are in

Last week the Dover Post ran a feature piece rating and discussing several Delaware blogs.

Here's what the writer said about this site:

Sneaking Suspicions
Description: Political and local commentary on an eclectic mix of subjects, centering on southern Delaware. Moderate, reasonable tone throughout that betrays the age of the author.
Author bio: Fritz Schran[c]k of Nassau, Delaware is an Assistant Attorney General for the state and also a golf columnist for the Cape Gazette.
Quote: “The beach towns such as Rehoboth, Lewes, and Milton should begin to wean themselves from using transfer taxes for routine operating expenses, and devote most if not all of these funds to one-time capital expenditures instead.”
Political leaning: Slightly conservative
Language: Clean
Comments: Nonexistent
Been around since: January 2002
Updated: several times per week

Sounds mostly accurate to me, although there's the usual butchered spelling of my last name.


Hat tip: The First Slate

April 12, 2006
We get the point

While driving to work this morning, I pulled up behind a car:

It's been nearly six years since the bumper sticker to the left of the license plate first appeared, and nearly two years since the bumper sticker to the right of the plate first appeared.

I think we get the point.

Those bumper stickers looked pretty fresh after all those years, too. I wonder if they've been replaced on a regular basis, what with normal wear and tear and all.

April 12, 2006
A blog swarm of genius proportions

If anyone asks you to describe blogging and the kinds of folks who leave comments on blogs, just send them to Jim Henley's site for this particular post.

Pure comedy genius.

April 9, 2006
Something had to give

Blogging's been non-existent here for the last few days, but I had my reasons.

While returning from New York City on Wednesday, I picked up a copy of Steven Weisman's The Great Tax Wars, and began reading it on the train ride back to Wilmington. In the meantime, I am still reading Richard Florida's The Rise of the Creative Class.

They're both really interesting, so now I'm alternating between each book as I finish a chapter.

In addition, there was some spring yard work to do, the usual demands of my work for the State and my column for The Cape Gazette, and, oh yes, one other thing--it's Masters Week.

Even with speeding up the tapes during the infrequent commercials, it just takes time to watch umpteen hours of tournament coverage.

It's a small sacrifice, but I'm prepared to make it.

April 5, 2006
New York spring

Last night we played in the opening match of Shawnee Country Club's mixed golf league, under fairly pleasant though windy conditions. It stayed in the high 50s during the entire evening.

We won 3-0, thankewverymuch.

This morning I left home early, took a train from Wilmington, and traveled to New York City for a meeting of several attorneys involved with an aspect of the EZPass electronic toll collection system.

What a difference a couple hundred miles can make, at least during the early spring.

During the morning session, it started snowing--hard. It was blowing so thick that it was nearly impossible to see Ellis Island from our conference room at the foot of Manhattan:

A snowy scene at the southern tip of Manhattan, April 5, 2006

The island is the slightly fuzzy, low-lying object in the far distance, just above the center of the picture.

Fortunately, the sun came out before the meeting ended, and I had a chance to see something I always enjoy looking at during my NYC trips:

Statue of Liberty, April 5, 2006

Seeing this statue never gets old.


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